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The Sugababes are back! The most commercially and credibly successful girlband Britain has ever produced, by some startling length, are ready to flirt. 2009 sees a new chapter in the Sugababes’ incredible history with the exciting introduction of stunning new member Jade Ewen, who joins Heidi Range and Amelle Berrabah following the departure of Keisha Buchanan, who left to pursue a solo career. The girls have returned to pole-axe dance-floors with an irresistibly cheeky and post-modern pop bounce. Just the way we like them.

Their Career

We greet the Sugababes at this particular juncture in their career at a place no other British girlband has been before - after a whopping 6 albums and a massive 10 sell-out tours later, the cream of the world’s songwriting and production talent are still clambering to jump aboard and lend their own personal alchemy to the unique Sugababes sound.

Sweet 7

For their 7th album, aptly titled ‘Sweet 7’, the girls decided to retool the Sugababes magic. “It was about remembering what we are,” says Amelle, “and thinking about what we can be. We love this band. We love what we do. And we love the fact that every album is different from the last.”

Pushed It

They say that this is the Sugababes record they are proudest of. Sessions with Ne-Yo, Red One, Stargate, the Smeezingtons and Beyonce writer Makeba all produced the goods. “A sound just emerged for us,” says Amelle, “that was putting the excitement right back into recording. We wanted to make the album as Sugababes as possible and wave the British flag, we‘ve pushed ourselves and stepped it up”.

The Future

If you can feel the confidence bouncing out of the girls in their shiny new form right now, you wouldn’t be wrong. “We’re having fun. We’re so excited to have Jade in the band and embracing the next chapter. This is us. And we want to be Sugababes as badly as ever.”

Find Out More

We asked the Sugababes to try out Windows 7 and then filmed them having some fun with it. Watch the girls in action here.

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